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Welcome to DarkHunterz!

Thank you for visiting DarkHunterz home site. 

DarkHunterz will be a guild that is multi-faceted. We hope that no matter what you like to do in the World of Warcraft that you will find a home with us here.

We will be a guild that:
        1) Casual Raiding Guild- What that means to us is if you want to secure a raid spot it is up to you. We will help you in anyway that we can with gear runs, old runs, and overall knowledge. But if you don't want to raid or only want to rotate in every once in a while, we understand that somethimes Real Life (RL) takes precedent and you will not be penalized for it.
        2) PvP- We have characters in our guild that love to PvP, we plan on having one night dedicated to Battlegrounds. There are also several characters that love the Arena side of things, please ask around to see who likes to do what. 
        3) Achievements - Like achievements? So do we, we will provide runs to get some of those other older achievements that noone seems to want to go back and get. Ask an officer or Raid leader to help you get yours scheduled.

What seperates us from other guilds? 
        1) We as officers and leaders feel that if your in the raiding part of the guild that materials consumed by raids in quantity will be provided by us. From repairs to potions, to elixirs we will foot the bill so you can spend more time doing what you love, Raiding. (Donations are always helpful, but not required)
        2) We have masters in every profession that is out there, you have mats and you need it made, look in the notes on the guild information screen find out who does it and we will be sure to make your item for you. (This will take some time for our transfers to go through, check with us on the status.)
        3) Knowledgable leaders will help you learn strategies, in PvE, PvP and arena's, the officers and leaders in this guild have been playing RPG's since they were first implemented on the web and have multiple toons with knowledge covering every class, every spec, every Battleground, ask us, if we dont know it will only give us a chance to learn something new.

The World of Warcraft is designed to be enjoyment by everyone around, we try and limit drama in our guild by using a fair system where you can approach the officers and leaders and have an un-biased meeting to help with any issues that you may have with another member or how things are handled.

We hope you find DarkHunterz a viable solution for your guild needs. if you are visiting our site and not a member please whisper me in-game and we will chat.

Thanks for visiting.

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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

tylythian, Mar 12, 10 2:34 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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